11 Strange Dog Behaviors That Can Finally Be Explained

People who love dogs just melt when they see their pets dreaming while they sleep, tilting their head to the side, or simply running around frantically after a bath. But what many of us didn’t know is that these behaviors that we find so cute, actually have a purpose. Even if dogs can’t talk, they do have their own way of communicating things, and the things we mentioned are just a few examples of your dog trying to express its love, admiration, and sometimes its anxiety.

Bright Side is always interested in anything that can lead us, humans, to a better understanding of the animal world. In this case, it’s not just any animal that we are talking about, but man’s best friend and most faithful companion, which is why dogs deserve our full and undivided attention.

1. Chasing their own tail

This action has 3 basic meanings, and whichever one it is, it requires your full attention. The first option could be that your dog is extremely bored and is looking for just about anything to have fun with. Another option would be that it has parasites, which could be causing itching or burning. And the third option, if your dog chases its tail often, it might be suffering from OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) caused by stress, anxiety, or frustration.

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